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Planning a trip can become really exhausting especially when you don’t know where to begin. Having the right tools to guide you through the process takes off the pressure and makes planning easier and more fun!


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Need help planning your next vacation? No matter what stage you’re at, consult with a travel expert regarding your plans and what vision you have in mind. Receive the assistance you need to make your next vacation one to remember for a life time.

Best Travel Secrets was created to simplify travel planning for our clients. Traveling alone or with a group can be very stressful. Deciding what your itinerary will look like, where you want to visit and activities you want to do can be very daunting. Traveling is supposed to be relaxing and fun. We understand how hard it can be to live in the moment if you have to constantly plan where you should go next. Let us alleviate that burden, and map out your day to day, so you can focus more on enjoying yourself.

Through our consultation we are able to collect all the information necessary to provide you with the experience that will best suit you.

* In person, and over the phone consultation with the best in the travel industry.

* Organized vacations all over the world including but not limited to Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Indonesia ,Kenya, Myanmar, Netherlands, Portugal, Rwanda, Spain, Turkey, Tanzania, The United States of America, Uganda.


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